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A Rebel's Introduction Part II

My name is Tarik and I am 20 years old. I am a huge soccer guy, well I consider myself one but Max (our founder), one of two of my best friends, pretty much follows soccer every minute of the day. We first met while playing soccer together and going to watch pro soccer games during our high school years. On our downtime at school, Max would always be working on Rebel Lifestyle Brands. While I didn't start the company with him, at the same time, I was always by his side.I really started to believe in Max's vision and how he wanted to take this brand and create a legitimate business. We want to create a brand where many people can...

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A Rebel's Introduction Part I

I am 19 years old, my name is Max and I created this brand during my sophomore year of high school. I had a mentor named Rich, who really pushed me to become an entrepreneur and search for my real passion in life. Unlike most people my age, I already know what I want to do with my life, and I already know how to pursue it. My whole life you could say that I was a ‘rebel’ of sorts. Whether it was getting kicked out of class for talking too much or getting in debates and telling my teachers that they were wrong. I have always been a self-proclaimed contrarian, and it has certainly been noticed by others as...

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