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Why School Is Wrong About Failure

For me, traditional education is sometimes a barrier to truly educating yourself. While it does allow you to learn the consequences of being lazy or having a lack of discipline, school often hinders your ability to freely learn. For many students failure is something that they dread, but for entrepreneurs and people in general, failure is the car that drives you to improving yourself.  When you fail in school, thats it, you can’t go back to fix your errors and you can’t fix the permanent blemish that resides on your academic record. Traditional educational institutions teach that failure is something that is final and fatal, which is something that almost every successful entrepreneur disagrees with. While engaging in entrepreneurial ventures,...

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Why Everyone Should Get Punched in the Face at Least Once (Hypothetically)

Adversity is a good barometer of an individual’s ability to succeed in high pressure situations and it can even add to your self-belief when you successfully overcome those hardships. Unfortunately most people either never experience a turbulent moment or they don’t have the mindset that makes them believe that adversity is a precursor to success.  While some people may literally need to get punched in the face to have a moment of realization, most of us need difficult moments to harden our minds, so when we encounter more difficult challenges we are well prepared. Anyone who has lofty ambitions will ultimately encounter a tumultuous moment on their path that will test their character, their drive and most of all their...

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