Rebel Vintage

Products and fashion styles that consumers choose to use and wear, the way I see it, is essentially a recycling system that cycles old styles back into the consumers’ fashion sphere. An example of ‘what is old is new again’ is the straight razor. Companies like Bevel have reinvented the straight edge razor from an old and out of date tool to a new, modern, niche product that is making a strong comeback.

In fashion, things such as corduroy textured clothes and quilted outerwear are making comebacks into the dinner casual fashion corner, but those are not the only niche products that are making a comeback. Millennials, like most people are aware of, are quite different from past generations and I view us as ‘Generation Niche’. There are so many different clicks within our generation and one area that is making a massive comeback is 90’s streetwear. From brands like Supreme and Diamond Supply Co. to Crooks & Castles, designer streetwear has turned into a huge marketplace that millennials are clinging too, and for some reason it looks like that vintage alcove is sticking around.

With all that I’ve seen so far, we decided to start a side brand that not only compliments the Rebel brand, but also gives it an interesting alternative to our casual apparel selection. We will be releasing seasonal lines of clothes that are all original and limited vintage pieces. While brands like Supreme design and release their own clothes, we will be digging around classic thrift shops searching for gems that bring back the nostalgia of 90’s and early 2000’s clothes and even later decades.

Its a sleek take on classic and we’ve noticed Vintage is ‘cool’ again and we are bringing back limited and classic styles to you while giving it a new modern layout.        


Max Sakiewicz


IG: @rebellifestylebrands

Twitter: @rebellifebrands



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