A Rebel's Introduction Part I

I am 19 years old, my name is Max and I created this brand during my sophomore year of high school. I had a mentor named Rich, who really pushed me to become an entrepreneur and search for my real passion in life. Unlike most people my age, I already know what I want to do with my life, and I already know how to pursue it.

My whole life you could say that I was a ‘rebel’ of sorts. Whether it was getting kicked out of class for talking too much or getting in debates and telling my teachers that they were wrong. I have always been a self-proclaimed contrarian, and it has certainly been noticed by others as well. While I feel a lot of kids have been told to suppress this streak of defiance, I intend to embrace it and double down on it. As I grew in age from my sophomore year of high school, my personality can now be defined as ‘realistic defiance’. I figured out which battles were worth fighting, and which battles were simply a waste of time.

I never cared much for school and I felt that telling my teachers I didn't agree with their methods or their lessons was a justified battle.

Thankfully I didn't go to a conventional high school, so for the most part, my teachers happily engaged in debates of all sorts. I believe that helped me to form a more solid understanding of my own ideals, which in turn helped me to solidify my own character and morals which reflect my personality, as well as my companies brand.

During my three years in high school I was running this company to be an organic skincare company. During that time, I was making small progress up until the tail end of my senior year. It was at the end of that year where I decided to morph my brand into a multi-lifestyle company. The brand reflects a niche that requires a sleek and different take on life, and I intend to be the first person who is a part of that newfound group.

I don’t only want to have customers and random names on an e-mail list, I want to have a group of people who not only are involved with the brand but also view it as a community where ideas, stories and grievances can be shared. This community is for the customers, and I want it to be a place that is more than just a few products on a website.

Max Sakiewicz


IG: @rebellifestylebrands

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